I agree with Carl!

From: Joseph Troxell (jmt107@psu.edu)
Date: Tue 20 May 1997 - 02:53:55 EEST

I'm trailing Digests by a few days, and just wanted to add two more cents to
the ongoing debate about subjective/objective myth. I have to agree with
Carl Fink on these issues.

I think that myths from differing POVs are, and should, differ and perhaps
even conflict. Orlanth slew Yelm with Death. Now, if you're an Orlanthi,
Orlanth did a great thing and freed the world from a despot. If you're a
Solar, Orlanth was an upstart rebel who didn't know his head from a hole in
the ground, and screwed up the whole world because he couldn't accept that
Yelm was better than he. If you're an Orlanthi, Orlanth reconized his

mistake and undertook the LBQ to free Yelm and restore the Sun to the world.
If you're a Solar, Yelm freed himself and drew Orlanth to Hell to repent for
his crimes. Different stories, but same main points: 1) Orlanth killed
Yelm, and 2) Yelm escaped Hell and Orlanth was around when it happened.

Someone brought up the idea that five witnesses to an auto accident will
relate five different stories. This is true. The details will differ.
They should all at least agree that an accident happened though!

What I don't like is stuff like, "Are Elmal and Yelmalio the same diety?"
Either they are, or they're not. I don't care if the Orlanthi call Yelmalio

"Bob". It's either the same diety, or it's not. A rose is a rose, so to
speak. Invariably, the campaigns I've been involved with solve this issue
by throwing Elmal out the door.

Now, I know I said, "just look at it as heroquesting." And, you can
certainly do that. I'm just saying that I don't like widely contradictory
information. I don't care about the details, I'd like the major points to
be concrete.


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