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Carl Fink:

AF>>4. What do you mean by a myth being "wrong"? Do you mean that:
>> a) It's not correct "history";


And? What difference does it make to the gloranthan who believes
the myths? Does he suffer a sudden hole in the head or does his
magic not work or what? For all your haurangues, you have yet to
explain why "wrong" myths are bad.

>We have a different perspective from a Gloranthan. I don't think
>anyone claims that *Gloranthans* are troubled by these issues, except
>maybe a few scholars in weird settings.

>We, the real folks, have access to non-Dara Happan materials that most
>ENTEKOSIAD readers simply do not.

OTOH the God Learners who did encounter these myths (the Malkioni
myths differ dramatically from the Orlanthi myths as do the latter
from the Dara Happan myths) simply decided that the current myths
were wrong and purported to find the Truth. So before the God
Learners, the myths are 'wrong' *yet* this had no impact on the
culture. So once again, why do myths need to be historically

>If you get contradictory answers from "the same god" (say two Yelm
>priests ask), we have either the odd prospect of Yelm lying to his
>followers, or Yelm not existing.

I did believe I posted that it is the viewpoints of the diviner
and his colleagues that counted. Just because people can get
divergent answers from the Sun does not mean that the Sun does not
exist. It is the belief system of what the people think the Sun
is that provides all the answers. Questions to Yelm will IMO be
incapable of finding out what is happening in Teshnos because
Yelm is not worshipped in Teshnos.

Martin Dick:

>The SunStop - do the Pamaltelans know of this event

Yes they do. Their response to it is detailed in Lords of Terror
in the Lament 'Eleven Generations Late'. It lead to the Agimori
settlements at Pithdaros.

>The DragonKill War - Were a large number of people from all over eaten
>by Dragons?

This happened in Dragon Pass and Kralorela (which also recorded
a War in Heaven. People eaten by Dragons came from Peloria, Prax
and Kethaela and the legends of that awful day survive.

>Gbaji/Nysalor - Was there a big battle between two very powerful
>individuals which ravaged vast areas of Genertela?


>The Dawn - Did the Sun vanish from the sky for some lengthy period of time
>and then reemerge?


>The Closing - Were all the seas closed?


>I Fought We Won - Is this a universal myth or is it just First Council/
>Theyalan/God Learner mumbo jumbo?

It was spread by the God Learners but may be a homogenised version of
an earlier myth.

>Chaos - Is there such a thing, did great hordes of Chaos maraud across
>the world sometime prior to 1 ST by the Theyalan calendar.

Yes. Although I largely think the Trollpak Map is simplistic in
detailing these migrations. I think, for instance, the placement
of the battle of Stormfall is incorrect.

>The Destruction of the Spike - Was some central crucial element of the
>early world of Glorantha destroyed by some inimical force?

We know that when the God Learners say when the destruction of the
Spike is 'recalled everywhere with grim clarity', they are lying.
The Spike does not rate a mention in the Dara Happan lore although
the phrases 'Sacred Mountain' and 'Cosmic Pillar' is. The Sacred
Mountain is most likely to be Mount Jernalf in Peloria (which is
impossible to climb without supernatural assistance due to the great
wind, cold, height and steepness) and the Cosmic Pillar is an obscure
celestial phenomena. This has lead to speculation that the Spike
myths of the Orlanthi originally centred around Kero Fin instead.

>The Block - Is some cosmic baddie under there or is just a really big and
>bad broo?

It is worse than Cwm, the Crimson Bat or the Mother of Monsters.
Whether it is the Primal Evil of everyone's mythology is doubtful.

Obcuriousity: Where did the Block come from?

- --Peter Metcalfe


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