Divination Quest

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Date: Tue 20 May 1997 - 09:46:52 EEST

James Wadsley noted...

> Divination is a form of Heroquest. If you want to have something
> slightly non-orthodox supported by the god, you have to have the
> spiritual weight to do it. IMHO, all 'serious' divinations that would
> actually challenge the nature of the cult or the god MUST be
> heroquests.

(nice story illustrating that cut)

>> Do even great quests such as the one above shed light on anything?
> No. I don't think divination provides any answer you didn't already
> suspect. Only people capable of creating their own paths can come up
> with non-orthodox answers.
> ------------------------------
       Makes good sense to me. Answers for Divinations for pretty much
anything beyond the utterly trivial really should be in the form of
directions to the truth (paths, puzzles, ect.) not straight forward clear
answers. If nothing else, it's good Adventure Starter Stuff.

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