Glorantha and Philosophy

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Date: Tue 20 May 1997 - 12:39:37 EEST

Bill McKinley managed to be funny in the esoteric (and sometimes arid)
debate about objectivity :
> [As Kuhn would have shown], people in Glorantha work within
> a dominant paradigm. (...) The transition from RQII reality
> to RQ III reality was a paradigm shift.

Does this mean the two realities are "incommensurable" and does this
make the whole "Objectivity" debate impossible or useless ?

Peter Metcalfe wrote :
> Laurie's position is not *Pure Berkeleyism* because Pure Berkeleyism
> refers to everything (including the material world) being relative
> and subjective, not just myth and magic.

Sorry for being off-topic, but just a slight correction :
Actually Pure Berkeleyism thus defined was not Berkeley's position
either, as he believed in objective reality in the mind
of God (it was not a subjective idealism but a theocentric idealism).
I don't know any real subjectivist, except maybe Protagoras (and this is
controversial) and Stirner (but he was probably joking).

OBGlorantha, Philosophy and all that jazz

I don't think ontological theories are relevant for
our favorite imaginary world, but some of my players asked a lot
of *political* questions about the essence of Glorantha.

In the mythic structure of this world, the conservatives seem to be
always right : the innovative revolutionaries are always wrong and pawns
of Chaos or self-destruction (Nysalorians, God-Learners, Wyrm Friends,

Lunars). The only successful revolutionaries seem to be Arkat (but he
betrayed so many cults that he strengthened Krjalk) and Hrestol. My players

complained that they always had to be conservative, "ethnocentric", else
they would become awful Illuminates (i.e. Dark Side NPCs) or vile heretics.
I could change this aspect of the world IMG but I'm afraid to lose the
flavor of (the most commonly shared) Glorantha.

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