Re: fiction

From: Frank Rafaelsen (
Date: Tue 20 May 1997 - 13:23:41 EEST

        A lot of excellent fiction on the digest lately. Bravo!
The Last Icebraker was wonderfull, and Deville and Gim Gim are back with
the quality and style we have come to expect. I must say that in the last
couple of weeks the fiction has been without exception the most
interesting stuff on the digest.
        Question for Martin: Do you do requests? :) I think it's time
Deville was cut down to size. As a Sartar patriot I am waiting for him to

get his butt kicked by an "ignorant barbarian!"

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-"So Sir Humphrey, is that a yes or a no?"
-"It's a yes AND a no Minister"


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