Date: Tue 20 May 1997 - 21:51:49 EEST

Frederic Ferro:

<< In the mythic structure of this world, the conservatives seem to be
 always right : the innovative revolutionaries are always wrong and pawns
 of Chaos or self-destruction (Nysalorians, God-Learners, Wyrm Friends,
 Lunars). The only successful revolutionaries seem to be Arkat (but he
 betrayed so many cults that he strengthened Krjalk) and Hrestol. My players
 complained that they always had to be conservative, "ethnocentric", else
 they would become awful Illuminates (i.e. Dark Side NPCs) or vile heretics.
 I could change this aspect of the world IMG but I'm afraid to lose the
 flavor of (the most commonly shared) Glorantha.>>
     The only other succesful revolutionaries I can think of are the Kresh,
and they're pretty new, so there's no reason to suppose they won't suffer the
same kind of problem as the EWF and the God Learners in fairly short order.
But I don't agree that this means your players _have_ to be conservative and
ethnocentric; what about the Lunars?
     Now, it is true that in KoS we are told that the Lunar Empire and its
philosophy will eventually be wiped out. But this hasn't happened _yet_ (I'm
making the assumption your campaign isn't set in Harshax's time :-)). So, for
one thing, you can always ignore the future history and this will have no
effect on the flavour of Glorantha as it currently is.
     Many Lunars are still ethnocentric and conservative, of course, but the
essence of the Lunar Way is that it breaks these boundaries. So, if you play
pious Lunars, they can be relatively open-minded and radical. You're still
playing characters living within a society, of course, but that's true in any
realistic game.
     You also appear to contend that Lunars don't make good PCs because
they're 'pawns of Chaos'. Cobblers!! This is only what the Orlanthi, Praxians
and other unwashed barbarians say. Sure, the Lunars have a more relaxed
attitude to Chaos than the animal nomads, but that doesn't make them
'self-destructive'. If anything, Chaos is a pawn of the Lunars. They're
hardly going to let it's most dangerous manifestations loose on their own

people. Well, some Lunars might, and the Crimson Bat is a bit on the nasty
side, but I don't agree that that's how the majority think. The most powerful
Orlanthi muck about with experimental HeroQuesting which is a pretty
dangerous thing to do if you think about it - and this doesn't make them
      I'm not aware what specific complaints your players have, but letting
them play Lunar PCs seems to solve at least part of the problem. Remember,
not all (or even most) Lunars or followers of the Lunar Way are Illuminated,
although most of the very high-ups are. Anyway, who says the Illuminates are
'Dark Side'? OTOH, I concede they can be a real problem in the hands of a
powergamer, and so wouldn't allow tham as PCs myself.
      To close, and with an unusual degree of appropriateness:

All hail the Reaching Moon!



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