Purges in Prax

From: James Frusetta (gerakkag@wam.umd.edu)
Date: Tue 20 May 1997 - 23:02:22 EEST

rhwolfe writes good stuff about Praxians...

> I'm sure that's exactly what Lunar bureuacrats are reporting in their
> missives home to the Empire. "The Praxians don't hate us. We're making
> significant inroads with this noble yet savage people. In fact, we've
> already made numerous converts in the Zebra rider tribe, one of their
> most powerful groups."
Hmm. This sounds familiar. "Why yes, Comrade Stalin, the blast furnaces
of Magnitogorsk are nearing completion. The Five Year Plan will be
completed in four years, even if it takes us forever!" Go Lunars.

...but I'd quibble on one point.

> Not to a Praxian, who are black and white thinkers if I ever met one.
> All Chaos is bad chaos.
Maybe to Joe Six-Bison and Sally Sable, but it can't be that basic to the
chiefs; if it was, then they'd never have allowed the Broo to fight beside
them at Moonbroth. Chaos that's killing Chaos is not-as-bad chaos. Not
_good_ chaos, but chaos that you don't kill at the moment 'coz it's useful
cannon fodder.

Lunars do _lots_ of great stuff. They kill trolls, elves, chaos and sundry
other nasties (including the Sartar scum that emigrated to the region a
while back). Then, when the Lunars are up against the wall you get _twice_
as much stuff. Plus the Lunars catalog it for you, have already done
analysis on it, and filed the analyses in alphabetical order and in


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