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Date: Wed 21 May 1997 - 00:07:47 EEST


Here I go off to the german RQ Con and miss out on an
objective/subjective debate. Thinking closer, probably
a good thing too...

Just for the record, I'm in the objectivist camp (or
perhaps an HVO in Fergusonian terminology). But I'm not
going to jump into the fray (not much point now, and
I'm too lazy). I'll just make one sweeping statement,
without hannging anyone in particular out to dry.

Here it goes: show some tolerance will you! Why is it
so DAMN hard to accept that different people on this
mailing list have differing opinions and letting it
rest at that? It's not necessary to ram your own opinion
down the throat of those who disagree.

Very pointedly summarized I have seen several arguments
basically saying "it doesn't really matter, the people
in Glorantha will have their conflicting stories, you
can think what you like as long as you don't have an
'objectivist' opinion because that is wrong (tm)".

Preaching that all views are true in Glorantha, but
not so in the real world is rather contradictory IMO.

Well anyway, Sandy came up with an argument which is
hard to improve on so I won't even try.

I guess what I'm meandering my way to saying is this:
stop beating each other up and get back to content
instead. I will, by writing a short Con report, but
not right now since I'm in desperate need of some
sleep, have a funeral to go to, work to do etc.
<sigh> can't live up to my own standards...

Nils Weinander | Everything is dust in the wind |


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