Shargash says Carl Fink must be a great fellow

From: Carlson, Pam (
Date: Tue 20 May 1997 - 22:08:00 EEST

Carl F:

>See, this has been a problem I've had since childhood. I try to be witty and
end up having people think I'm being insulting.

Now... where have I seen this before? (Begin Church Lady voice) Could
it be... Martin Laurie?

Martin had the same problem in a digest debate a while ago. Since then,
we have all discovered he is a smashingly fine fellow with a somewhat
dark sense of humor that is quickly misinterpreted in writing.
Therefore, if Carl falls in this category, we must get them together!
Carl, are you coming to Glorantha Con in Victoria this sumnmer?


The Block:

Not all mythologies know of the Block itself, but similar myths exist in
other cultures. For those of you who have read your GRoY cover to cover
six times, you will fondly remember how Shargash, too, tore apart that
badest of badies, Kazkurtem. He then hid each of the parts in separate
places, warding them with great magics. I am certain that a band of
Shargashi arriving at the block would sense the foulness underneath,
see all those crazed, violent thugs, and feel right at home.

Could they renew spells there? IMO, not without

a) getting past all the Uroxi, who are not known to be great students of
cultural relativism
b) undergoing some sort of ritual to tie them to the god, or mask of the
god, to whom the shrine is dedicated.



I think of divination as being used to answer somple questions that the
god would know, and then requiring props and ritual. Frex, a Lodrilli
might look for visions in a fire (while drunk, of course!). A Yelmie
might intone a prayer for guidence and release a hawk. An Ernaldan
might do the same with a pig or a snake. Humakti might have a fight
between champions, each representing an outcome. Casting bones or runes
into the wind could be an Orlanthi method.

Good questions would be: Where should we build your shrine? Where lies
[sacred lost object]? Did Bjorki Gundarsson secretly slay your priest?
 Which tree in this forest would provide the best axle for a racing



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