Subjective vs. Objective

Date: Wed 21 May 1997 - 06:28:12 EEST

Sandy Petersen notes...

> 1) The subjectivist argument is, in essence, that the gods are whatever
> their worshipers believe them to be.

     Sure seems to be.
> 2) No extant Gloranthan culture holds to this belief.

     Couldn't Illuminates hold such a belief? Potentially, that is. MIght be
something to try in a game.

> 3) Does this not, therefore, indicate that the subjectivists are wrong?
> Even if (_especially_ if) they are right?

     Which is one reason why I prefer the "blind folk and the elephant" view;
sure the myths differ and maybe contradict in places but they all come from a
common source/reality. Different perspectives, not a host of duplicate gods.

       Is it not possible, though, for people to be utterly and totally
deluded about the nature of their world? It never occurs to them to try to
change their god by changing their beliefs; they don't wake up one moring
deciding "Storm Bull dresses like a fuzzy bunny" and incorporate that in the
catechism and then find on hero quests the great chaos fighter in a bunny
suit. :)

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