Sandy on Subjectivism

From: Simon D. Hibbs (
Date: Wed 21 May 1997 - 12:24:05 EEST

Sandy Petersen :

> 1) The subjectivist argument is, in essence, that the gods are whatever
> their worshipers believe them to be.
> 2) No extant Gloranthan culture holds to this belief.
> 3) Does this not, therefore, indicate that the subjectivists are wrong?
> Even if (_especially_ if) they are right?

I certainly do NOT subscribe to this view, which is why I am uncomfortable
with Alex's assertion that I am a Subjectivist (or a HVO).

I do believe there is a real, objective Glorantha. However, I doubt that
it is fully comprehensible to the mortal mind, and certainly to
rationalist analysis. Illumination, RuneQuest Sight, 'The Secret'(!) and

the state of conciousness attained by heroquesters that Greg talks about
are examples of the kinds of insights into the divine world that mortals
have so far achieved in Glorantha. I don't think anyone would pretend that
these are all there is to know.

The Kingdom of Logic belongs to a bygone age.

Simon Hibbs


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