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Digest 415:

>>Well, to clarify, I said that we need either consistent myths, OR to dump
>>heroquesting and Divination.....

> But surely the main reason many myths from different cultures contradict
> each other is because they have been changed over time by heroquesting.
> Thus heroquesting is largely responsible for the myths conflicting.

        Looking over the Lore Auction transcript from GC IV shows a question
on this subject. When asked how much of the GodTime myths actually happened
they way people believe they happened now, and how much was changed by
HeroQuesting, Nick Brooke & Sandy Petersen answered by saying that the vast
majority of the GodTime events happened they way they are recalled now.
        As a second offering on this subject, there was a question as to
how difficult HeroQuesting is on a relative scale. The counter-example
given is that the entire Issaries cult has been trying to resurect Gennert
since before the Dawn, and they are not making significant progress....
        That's two bucks worth, for free.

> Who says Nysalor was wrong? Ok, he got beaten up by the traitor Arkat,
> but his supreme sacrifice still brought the blessing on Illumination
> to the world.

        Blech, where to start? The Nysalor/Arkat/Gbaji thing is one of
the Seven Unanswerable Questions. I guess that you're suposed to figure
it out and ask Greg to confirm if you're right... Anyway, the best and
most comprehensive answer I have ever heard on the subject is that in
the struggle between Nysalor & Arkat, Gbaji lost.
        Secondly, Arkat was Illuminted before he left the elves on Brithos.
How did you think he managed to move from cult to cult so easily? Yelm
too was Illuminated (during the GodTime); that's what all the stuff about
him learning to understand his 'other' is all about (GRoY/FS).
        Illumination is not a blessing, neither is it a curse; it is a
state of mind not particularly concerned with good or evil.


"The Muse struck me the other day, but I am recovering nicely"


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