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Date: Wed 21 May 1997 - 19:31:44 EEST

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> From: Nick Brooke <>
> Date: Tue, 20 May 1997 16:09:31 -0400
> Subject: Up Against The Wall in Pavis
> Ludicrous Parallel:
> If the Soviet Union had invaded Ireland (North and South), using nukes to
> suppress armed resistance in an overwhelming first strike, does *anyone*
> seriously think that the Protestants would lie down with the Fenians en
> masse, the RUC and IRA forswearing past enmities to unite against their
> common foe ("Gee, just like Independence Day!")?....

Well this was the basis of centuries of international politics in europe.
The Balance of Power policy has it's roots in the treaty of Westphalia in
1648 and has managed to prevent most Big bad "lunatics" from getting too
much power. This includes Louis XIV, Napoleon and Hitler. There are
crucial differences and I would agree to your example if the lunar forces
did have total controll in Prax and the Wastes. But I don't think they

have that(not by far). The reason it takes Argrath White Bull some time to
gather the support needed to Kick the lunars out of Prax is that this kind
of thinking is originaly quite alien to the nomads, but I wouldn't be very
surprised if there is a growing appreciation of "big politics" among the

nomads. And once they have cut the sable riders down to size, by tossing
the lunars out, they'll fall back to the old internal bickering

All hail Argrath White Bull the Wellington of Prax!

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