From: Richard Melvin (rmelvin@radm.demon.co.uk)
Date: Wed 21 May 1997 - 01:10:34 EEST

Some back of the envelope calculations:

- - 10 million 'Greater Yelm' (in the same sense as 'Greater Manchester')
  worshippers lozenge-wide.

- - 1 in a hundred is a priest or acolyte.

- - each casts a divination about once a week.

- - each gets about 5 minutes of the gods time, _if_ the deity in question
  has got nothing better to do than answer divinations.

IMHO, it is highly unlikely that even the most arrogant Solar priest
would think that they can get the undivided attention of Yelm for the
cost of a one point rune spell.

Instead, they would rationalise that the question was answered by the a
local aspect/servant of the god, with only limited knowledge. Perhaps
this aspect would have knowledge of events in the local area since the
local temple was founded (or refounded).

Important questions, such as the fate of the kingdom or the founding of
a temple, warrant bigger magic. Perhaps a special version of divination
only available to high priests. In this case, the question might be
answered by the local cultural deity (Yelmalio or Orlanth etc.), who
would have complete knowledge of events within the kingdom since it was
founded. In ambiguous cases, such as the re-founding of Pavis, only
partial knowledge would be available about earlier eras - this is
something the local priesthood would generally try to conceal.

It would take a _really_ important question (such as "what are the Red
Godesses plans for Glorantha?") to get a reply back from the real heavy-
hitters like Yelm. Very few people can throw around magic like this in
the inner world, so this requires a heroquest.

Of course, the above is a (sophisticated) theist perspective (perhaps
that of the famous Lhankhor Mhy scholars from Nochet). No doubt a
Mostali would describe the same observable facts in different terms.

- --
Report on the ritual interaction of the local degenerate hominids and
various quasi-sentient partially autonomous thaumic field entities

Observation of the local degenerate hominids over the last 12,000 work-
cycles has revealed a significant trend towards greater levels of
communal activity, sometimes coordinated over significant geographic
areas. In many cases, this is associated with standardised patterns of
interaction with various thaumic field entities, including hominid
personality remnants, primordial cosmic consciousness fragments and
internal and external agents.
In the author's opinion, these activities represent a significant threat
to planned maintenance activities, in that they are a source of
unpredicatable localised fluctuation in thaumic field strength. Urgent
action is recommended to investigate options for bringing forward the
periodic hominid cull.
- --


yours for a Glorantha in which it is both possible and meaningful for
people to be _wrong_.


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