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>From Loren Miller:
>Actually, if you're a solar then Orlanth didn't kill Yelm. Rebellus
>Terminus tried to slay Yelm but one of Yelm's sprats whose name I cannot
>remember jumped in the way and got offed instead, and upon perceiving this
>Yelm proceeded to fall apart quite literally.
>So what you have is not only a disagreement about the meaning of the
>events, but also a disagreement about the events themselves.

To an extent, that is true. However, the core of the story (someone was
for killing the sun) is the same. And, that is close enough for me. It's
like going back to differing accounts of history. The Muslims and
Christians have different versions of the Crusades. However, both agree
that the Christians took Antioch and Jerusalem in the 1st Crusade. How they
took the cities, and the why differs, but not the what or where.

>From Jeff Richard
>>Invariably, the campaigns I've been involved with solve this issue by
>throwing Elmal out the door.
>Personally, I have taken the exact opposite approach and tried, whenever
>possible, to throw Yelmalio out the door.

Which, perhaps maybe the better approach. However, I haven't read much of
Stafford's fiction. I'm just starting to read KoS, which a friend loaned
me. I don't know anyone who has GRAY, etc. Nor is there a published cult
write up for Elmal that I am aware. For my tastes, Yelmalio exists in
Dragon Pass and Elmal is simply early Yelmalio who still has his fire
powers. Mind you, this probably doesn't agree with published sources, or
even a lot of myth, but since I haven't read that, it doesn't bother me.
Which leads me to....

Lots of people (Jeff, Loren, Nick Brooke) made comments on my:
>> What I don't like is stuff like, "Are Elmal and Yelmalio the same diety?"
>> Either they are, or they're not.

There was some discussion on this matter, but it ties in with the following:

>From Nick Brooke
>If you need to find out whether Orlanthi Rune spells can be recovered from
>West King Wind's worship services, why not go to the Redlands and Find Out?
>My guess is yes, they can...

Now, I fully admit that I'm pretty Glornatha-ignorant. So, maybe this has
been resolved in some published source. But, what it comes down to is, "My
guess." Which means that any two people may decide differently. And any
five may have five opinions. If this hasn't been settled by Stafford, Sandy
Peterson, ToRM, etc. then it comes down to
"My Glorantha." Now, I don't have a huge problem deciding that for my
campaign the above is true. I just wish that there was something to back me
up. Since, if a player says, "That is pure rubbish, I can't believe you're
allowing that," my only response is, "Well, that's how I'm running it."
Same with the Elmal/Yelmalio debate. And heroquesting. And a several
others. I'd like something a little more concrete than, "That's my opinion
on the matter, so shut up and like it!"

I don't think Stafford is going to descend from the mountain with stone
tablets. So, answers to these questions have to come down to the referee's
decision. This is fine as long as you (the player) have the same opinion of
your referee. It stinks if you're pretty sure you can renew your divine
magic in the Redlands and then the referee says, "nope, it's a different
god." And then it probably leads into a healthy arguement on the brain-size
of parentage of each other.

Having loopholes, inconsistencies, and falsehoods in a fictional world isn't
a problem. Most of us experience Glorantha through RuneQuest, which means
that it is a
fictional roleplaying world, and having loopholes, inconsistencies, and
falsehoods in a roleplaying world can lead to problems.


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