Kitori II

Date: Thu 22 May 1997 - 04:21:05 EEST

Sorry about the previous anonymous post.

Kone (this time) = Arthur Reyes

Here is another bit about the Kitori for my bother:

        Woodsmen is an honored and hereditary position. They use braids of
contrasting color to mark the trees they intend to chop down. The woodsman
(human or troll) then returns to his hearth to perform a long ritual
involving the songs and banging on dead logs. This noisy ritual alerts
elves in the forest and gives them time to move the braids to other trees
and cast Peaceful Cut. When the ritual is completed, the woodsman hand out
axes and everyone goes to work. Rarely does an elf keep some of the braids
of an overly active woodsman. (There are elves in my wood. This is the
only was I can explain its resiliency to Trolls living within its confines.


Arthur Reyes


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