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        I have been running a Kitori-centric game for about eight months.
As I have discovered, their religion is neither Uz or Orlanthi, and for
lack of a better word, nebulous. So for your enjoyment (or displeasure)
here are three brief Kitori stories and five new subcults.

        During the God's War and many Darknesses, many gods intermingled
and fought. Argan Argar was one deity who attempted to organize resistance
and establish power bases.
        One tale tells of how he met a woman adventurer who had left home
to prove she had a place among men. Argan Argar met her and they entered a
contest of repartee. The woman won so Argan Argar said he would refer her
to a friend who could use a strong sword on his side. She then ran off to
meet the person but arrived to late, the battle was over. Zorak Zoran had
already wounded Yelmalio, but in his fit of gloating did not see the Sunson
reaching for his spear. Vinga leapt to, and dispatched the fire god. She
took the last of his fire power, in the form of red hair, and Zorak Zoran
gave her 'fireblade' for her troubles.
        The Red Lady received many more tips from Argan Argar, who said her
brother was not very wise in failing to recognize her worth. She was also
instrumental in forging cooperation between humans and trolls around the
Kitori Wood, and she founded many clans by way of Esrolian Marriage(KoS).
        She and Eurmal once stole Huraya's scarf and made a copy of it.
They then gave it to a dryad in the Kitori Wood. She had many adventures
in the wood with Eurmal. Argan Argar finally chased him away saying, "I am
just a come-to-man, not a king, and twice the shadow you are!"

        Ernalda and Argan Argar married and had three children, all sons.
Named in the traditional fashion of Argan Argar's home, they were: Sarnas,
Galdan, and Adlern. Sarnas, the oldest, exhibited great strength and
restraint. He typified the conservative farmer. He was often titled 'The
Furrower,' because of his concern and his skill with the plow. Galdan
proved to be quiet and introspective. His resourcefulness was well noted
and his is often associated with hunters. Adlern, the youngest, exhibited
the most energy in trying to please his parents. His brashness is the
source of many comical tales. He was finally tasked with herding his
parents stock,to keep him out of trouble. His dedication earned him a
reputation of steadfastness.
        Voria is the brothers' half-sister and there are many tales of how
they compete for her laughter.

        During the Darkness, many heroes flocked to deities to lend their
assistance. Argan Argar was no different. Many heroes joined up with the
god of communication and shadow. He seemed to know how to get around and
all the right people to get things from.
        Once there was a cook who filled the tables of a Golden Lord with
all manners of delicacies. That Lord was killed by an angry storm god and
went to hell. Yalanar decided not to go with him because there was nothing
to cook in hell and so he took to wandering the land.
        Chance brought him to Prax, where in the Great Darkness people
burned all the wood for light. The cook took it upon himself to make what
tastey meals he could with the fire there and for a time people's hearts
were lifted. The fires did not last long, and when Oakfed could be fed no
longer Yalanar travelled west. The cook travelled into the mountains where
he found a pass. Taking it for a shortcut he nearly fainted with the sight
of so many trees of the Kitori Wood. He tried to cut wood for his stove
but was harried by trolls and elves alike. He ran through the forest until
he came to a large hall. He entered, demanding audience with the Lord
there. Upon entering he exclained, "I am the greatest cook in the world
and have no fuel to bake my pies! This dreadful darkness is putting me out
of a job!"
        The Lord took offense to this and as he rose Shadows gathered to
him. "Your want for fire can be fulfilled with heat," he rasped, "Darkness
has no fear of it! You will perform a task for me or I will send you to
hell for your bleeding god!"
        The cook shivered at the thought and agreed to the task. The Lord
told the cook of a tale of his youth in which he defeated Lodril. At the
time he was only interested in heat and had no mind for its application.
He instructed the cook on a Path in which he could return to the moment and
gain greater gifts.
        The cook agreed and followed the path as instructed. When he came
to a Critical Moment he broke from the path. Walking onward, he greeted
his old friend. Lodril, happy to see the cook who, at one time, made
delicious roasts for his table was glad and shared many secrets that he had
not shared with his new master.
        When the cook returned Argan Argar was very pleased. "My wife has
told me of an old recipe of hers. My mouth waters to try this delicacy.
Make this for me and I will grant you honor in my house."
        Yalanar agreed and the Splendorbread was more delicious then Argan
Argar had imagined. He fulfilled his promise and Ernalda gave Yalanar her
recipe to close the deal.
- -----------------------------------------------------

        I'd appreciate constructive input and would share cult specifics
with anyone who is interested. I'll write up a full version if there is
any interest. Thanks and credit to Bryan J. Maloney for his Vinga
Adventurous cult write up.


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