Disconnection from the Mobility rune

From: Carl Fink (carlf@panix.com)
Date: Thu 22 May 1997 - 04:02:46 EEST

"Carlson, Pam" <carlsonp@wdni.com>

>Therefore, if Carl falls in this category, we must get them together!
>Carl, are you coming to Glorantha Con in Victoria this sumnmer?

Well . . . only if someone hands me a lot of money. I've never
understood how people afford all this travel.

About Divination: do people really think it never tells the user
anything they didn't know?

I know people react contemptuously to the mention of rules here, but
why would divinatory magic be the only kind that *doesn't* work on

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Carl Fink carlf@panix.com

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