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Paul Chapman wrote

> BTW, Orlanth Victorious? (p.90 Genertela book) A subcult I'd not heard
> of... sounds cool.... does anybody know anything about it? _Please_ don't
> start talking about 'different Orlanths' or special Rune Magic!!!!

There are, IMHO, any number of Orlanth subcults. The differences between
them are often minor. They aren't different Orlanths, rather different
aspects of Orlanth, or local variations of the same aspect (Orlanth
Victorious sounds like an Orlanth the Warrior, aka Orlanth Adventerous,
subcult). And yes, in game terms, it seems easiest to differentiate between
subcults by giving them different rune magic.

(Jeff Richard and I plan to explore this in the booklet for Glorantha-Con
V, Enclosure.)

Joseph Troxell responded to Nick Brooke

> >If you need to find out whether Orlanthi Rune spells can be recovered from
> >West King Wind's worship services, why not go to the Redlands and Find Out?

> what it comes down to is ... "My Glorantha."

Let me rephrase what Nick wrote. We can speculate all we like, but it's not
until you have to think about this when you actually run a campaign that
you can really come up with a good answer. (I learned a lot about Grazers
by running a campaign; since then, my knowledge of them has increased only
a little, and mostly by reading about other people's Grazer campaigns.)
Also, once your ideas have withstood the test of contact with players, they
are given more credibility.

If the Orlanthi characters in my Ralios game went to Pent (heck, even if
they went to Dragon Pass), I'd have to come up with how difficult it is to
renew rune magic. Until this actually happens in my game, and I can gauge
the result of my decision by watching the players react, I won't know if my
instincts on this (it'd be fairly easy for them in Dragon Pass, akin to
joining an easy subcult; Pent would be possible but difficult, and some
spells might not be renewable there) are right.

Actually running it wouldn't make me right, but I'd feel a lot more
confident in my own mind, if nothing else.

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