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Date: Thu 22 May 1997 - 10:19:24 EEST (Maria & Michael)
Silly Stephen

Me>On additional comment on Tales 16: Three Bravos for the Tales crew,
>>resisted what I imagine would have been a great temptation, to try to
>>the Seven Mothers cult. Too complicated right now, glad they went for
>>what they did.

>Are you really applauding the Tales crew for something they *omitted* or
>*didn't* do? Surely an updated, though incorrect, version is better than
>updated version at all?

Yes, I am, and No, it would not be. Anyone who has gleaned anything Lunar
from the Entekosiad, or seen any other Lunar material Greg has written in
the last two years, knows that things are not what we thought. But not
enough is there to get it even as close as RQ2 did. I'm glad they didn't
try -- I don't have the faintest idea where to start, and I've seen a
_lot_ of the Lunar stuff written so far.

>One wonders why you didn't give them another Bravo for not including a
>Goddess write-up.

I should have -- Bravo! to them for not trying to write up the cult which
includes Rufelze the Red Goddess, Orogeria the Huntress,
Rashorana/Nysalor, Gerra the Self-Mutilator and Abused Woman, Lesilla the
Blue Moon Goddess (who is not equal to Annilla, BTW), Natha the Balancer
and generally not nice person, and Sedenya the Once and Future Perfect
Goddess. Hurrah for them!

Stephen Martin
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