(one of:) Two silly polls.

From: Alex Ferguson (abf@interzone.ucc.ie)
Date: Thu 22 May 1997 - 15:31:25 EEST

Paul Chapman:
> The other silly poll is for Nationality. We seem to have a delightful
> spread of Americans, Canadians, Europeans, Aussies and no doubt many others
> on the digest, I'd like to know roughly the sort of distribution we have.

A few months ago I posted a breakdown of the apparent "nationality"
of everyone then on the List by their e-mail addresses. Of course,
among many other possible inaccuracies in it, there's the built-in
problem of addies like Paul's, with their Non-Geographical Pollutions
of The Sacred Namespace.

Then again of course, some of us have just Moved.



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