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From: Simon D. Hibbs (S.Hibbs@fcrd.gov.uk)
Date: Thu 22 May 1997 - 16:05:23 EEST

Andrew Joelson :

> Me :
> But surely the main reason many myths from different cultures contradict
> each other is because they have been changed over time by heroquesting.
> Thus heroquesting is largely responsible for the myths conflicting.
>HeroQuesting, Nick Brooke & Sandy Petersen answered by saying that the
>vast majority of the GodTime events happened they way they are recalled

Your point about the impact of heroquesting is well taken, but the basic
point I was making is is still perfectly valid. Heroquesting CAN alter
myth, so of course the myths of different cultures can contradict. That
may not be the only way this happens, or even the main cause, but it
proves the premise.

> As a second offering on this subject, there was a question as to how
>difficult HeroQuesting is on a relative scale. The counter-example given
>is that the entire Issaries cult has been trying to resurect
Gennert>since before the Dawn, and they are not making significant progress....

The Garzeen got suckered into trying to resurecting Genert and their heart
realy are not in it. It was deliberately set them as an impossible task.
Hardly a reasonable example, I feel.

> Blech, where to start? The Nysalor/Arkat/Gbaji thing is one of
>the Seven Unanswerable Questions.

True, but I realy don't like putting smileys in my posts. Perhaps I
should do it more often.

>I guess that you're suposed to figure it out and ask Greg to confirm if
>you're right...

I think if you know the answer, you already KNOW you are right.

>Anyway, the best and most comprehensive answer I have ever heard on the
>subject is that in the struggle between Nysalor & Arkat, Gbaji lost.

I'd say Dorastor lost too, but yes.

> Secondly, Arkat was Illuminted before he left the elves on Brithos.

Er, so what?

>Yelm too was Illuminated (during the GodTime)

And so? Oh, I see. Well, yes, illumination predated the birth of Nysalor -
but then they did not create Ossentalka out of nothingness.



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