Kitori Woodsmen...

From: Daniel McCluskey (Volt) (
Date: Thu 22 May 1997 - 20:09:51 EEST

Wonderful Kitori stuff Arthur... I definately agree about there being
elves in the Kitori Woods, but in my take on the Kitori, they are
actually strong enough to keep lumbering from happening at all. I
definately intend to steal your take on this for the Uz of Koromondal

        Quick summary of my version of Troll Woods elves: Live entirely
in the treetops. Keep to themselves, unless a tree is threatened, in
which case they turn the threatener into a pincushion.

        Of course, for compatibility with your elves, I now believe that
at the beginning of Dark season they will tie old/dieing trees with
special braids to call a Woodsman (woodsUz?) to cut them down. Each
Family of Woodsmen has a particular braid, and can only cut trees
designated especially for them.They then grow a new tree to replace the
old, magically enhancing the growth so that it can reach full height in
a single summer. for this reason, Troll Wood Lumber is very steight and
strong, and is especially prized for ships masts, and thus extremely
valuable. The Woodsman is probably expected to donate a point of POW to
the new seedling to speed its growth. Pious woodmen find that they are
more often called than those less so. Hunters quickly learn to
recognize and report these braids, as the wealth of an entire family of
woodsmen can depend on a quick response.

I think that we could now call our Kitori Lumberjacks an Orlanthi "The
Same" ;-) Especially, since my woodsmen have loud celebrations when a
tree is found -- which are easily mistaken for elf-warning rituals...



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