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From: Carlson, Pam (
Date: Thu 22 May 1997 - 22:13:00 EEST

Joseph T:

>However, I haven't read much of Stafford's fiction. I'm just starting to
read KoS, which a friend loaned
me. I don't know anyone who has GRAY, etc.

It's available through Wizard's Attic, along with many other fine
Gloranthan products. Also, try to buy some back issues of "Tales" -
they have more varied fiction and useful info.

> For my tastes, Yelmalio exists in Dragon Pass and Elmal is simply early
Yelmalio who still has his fire

If it matters in your Glorantha, Greg has said that Elmal lost his fire
powers to ZZ at the Hill of Gold...

>Having loopholes, inconsistencies, and falsehoods in a fictional world isn't
a problem. Most of us experience Glorantha through RuneQuest, which
that it is a fictional roleplaying world, and having loopholes,
inconsistencies, and
falsehoods in a roleplaying world can lead to problems.

This is a common complaint. Indeed, Glorantha has left RQ in the dust.
>From what I gather, Greg was never very happy with the way the RQ rules
reflected life in Glorantha, anyway. It's bound to be a problem in a
world/RPG system where the creativity and integrity of the world
receives far more importance than the rules in the mind of the creator.

Explain this to you players, if it helps. And you can always ask the
digest for their collective opinion ahead of time if you can anticipate
your player's questions.

Reffing in Glorantha isn't easy, but I hope you find it's worth it.



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