Gaumata's Vision ending

Date: Fri 23 May 1997 - 00:09:18 EEST

About time for another topic besides "what is and what isn't
Glorantha myth and Gregging" (is that a literary version of
flogging? :) my apologies to Greg).

now, talk about messing in Glorantha.. I ran Gaumata's
Vision this week in our Ralian campaign. No Yelmalians.
The characters knew something was wrong but couldn't or
didn't press the issue with the villagers so I had them spot
the barn which they explored. One of the ogre children shot
at them after giving the warning, then fled but was caught.
As there were only 4 characters they
went back to their post with the captive child. The

army will send a stronger detachment to deal with the villagers
and divinations should reveal the truths. I plan on having the
characters follow the trail of the chaos children to Dyskund Caverns
instead of taking part on the village assault. Which brings up
the question "What will the villagers and the mistress do knowing
that they've been found out and the army will return in force?"



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