GloranthaCon V

From: David Hall (
Date: Thu 22 May 1997 - 23:21:38 EEST

GloranthanCon V: Victoria, British Columbia

If anyone in the UK is thinking of going to GloranthaCon V in Canada (Jul=
25th to 27th) then you can send your con memberships and money to me if y=
want. The UK cost is 25 pounds. =

Looking at the people who are in attendance it's going to be one helluva
con, and a place where we should be able to get the full monty on what is=

up with Glorantha, Stratelibri and Chaosium! We may even discover why
Avalon Hill appear to have dropped the RuneQuest rules system altogether =
- -
in favour of a new RPG rules system. =

Many moons ago somebody asked about the freeforms at the con. Rather
belatedly, here is the blurb from the Life of Moonson flyer:

Reaching Moon Megacorp's Life of Moonson

Empty Half Day, Illusion Week, Dark Season: The 400-foot Kalikos-class
Icebreaker Red Storm Season slips out of the deep water port of Joranit
into the Thunder Delta. The 2,000 Xaroni Penitents bend their backs to th=
oars. To the rhythm of the lash they rumble out the Song of the Oslir
Boatmen. The crimson glowspot lighting the under-deck cannot disguise the=

frost forming on their beards and loincloths.

* * *

Crescent Going Day, Illusion Week, Dark Season: Red Storm Season=92s curv=
silver-clad prow slices the rumbling pack-ice. The Yanafali are working i=
shifts to keep its blade sharpened.

* * *

Empty Half Day, Disorder Week, Storm Season: Captain Marka gives the orde=
to submerge. Heavy blizzards obscure the surface of the glacier.

* * *

Dying Moon Day, Disorder Week, Storm Season: The Twin Stars report to the=

Red Admiral. They have lost contact with Red Storm Season...

* * *

The time is sacred time, the year is 1632, the place the city of Glamour,=

capital of the Lunar Empire. The leading citizens, dignitaries and allies=

of the Empire are gathered for the New Lunar Year celebrations. The Empir=
is about to be reborn for another year. A glorious seven-year plan has ju=
ended. =

The Lunar Empire is at its height, invincible, illustrious and
incomparable. But elsewhere other forces are on the move, ancient and
unchained forces that are set upon the Empire's destruction. Will they fa=
like all other enemies before, or has tide finally turned? =

* * *

Reaching Moon Megacorp's Life of Moonson is a 50-player game of Lunar
politics and intrigue. The players are the rulers, generals, bureaucrats
and allies who make up the might of the Lunar Empire. As a player, you ha=
the opportunity to wield awesome power and influence, to lead great armie=
control dread magic and fantastic creatures, or just conspire and back-st=
your way to countless riches and rewards. =

The fate of the Lunar Empire is in your hands...

Note that the flyers have only just gone out and I believe we are already=

over half full. So book your place (and the con) asap if you want to shap=
the future of the Lunar Empire! =

All Hail the Reaching Moon!

David Hall


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