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> From: James Frusetta <>
> > There are crucial differences and I would agree to your example if the
> > lunar forces did have total controll in Prax and the Wastes.
> Hmm. Instead of the Soviet Invasion of Ireland, I present a new example:
> the medieval Ottomans' subjugation of the Balkans. No total control
> involved there (until the 16th century or so, and that's debatable).
> Every historian I talked to in the Balkans lamented that the various
> rulers didn't unite against the Turks and throw them out of Europe. Oddly
> enough, every ruler saw the invasion as a glorious chance to either:
> A) Do their enemies a dirty one;
> B) Suck up for their own benefit; or
> C) Suck up to a different European great power for their own benefit.
> So too with the nomads. You have the nomad khans that are too
> short-sighted to see the long-term menace of the hideous Lunars; the khans
> who'd rather revenge Great-Grampa Iggy the Impala Rider's horrible death
> at the hand of the Bison Riders rather than unite against the lunars;
> etc., etc......

I have to admit I know very little of Balkan history, but I do think you
misunderstand my position (no wonder since my original post was quite
confusing). I don't think the Praxians see the lunars as their main
problem. I think the dominance of the Sable nation is the big concern for
the other nations. What is really their problem? Well they are prevented
from grazing their animals in the relativly fertile Prax. Who is
preventing them? I don't see the lunars being able to stop the bison
nation from crossing the Zola Fel, and I don't see the lunar footmen being
able to pose any treat to the nomadic tribes. I would pity the phalanx

that tried going after the nomads into the nomads territory. No, the
problem is the sable nation. The only real problem the lunars cause for
the praxians is that it is harder to raid settlements. And I agree that
this is far from enough to make the Khans join causes. But if it is the
lunars that are making the Sables so damn powerfull it might just be worth
tossing them out to foil the sables' plans
> > I wouldn't be very surprised if there is a growing appreciation of "big
> > politics" among the nomads.
> A perception, an appreciation, but not an understanding. More likely that
> the nomads will bitch and moan about all these foreign empires that invade
> them, fail to prevent others from invading them, and who stop them from
> raiding. Blame 'em for everything.

The fact that there are several large competing nations and a lot of
smalle nations suggest to me that there is a very well established balance
of power system in the region. The smaller tribes would act as a dynamic
buffer that enables the nations to react to any big push, and give them

time to organize a overwhelming defensive force. And thus limit the
success of the expanding tribe. I frankly don't see how the smaller
nations could have survived this long without a system like this..

> > And once they have cut the sable riders down to size, by tossing
> > the lunars out, they'll fall back to the old internal bickering
> Plenty of historical examples, though, that many people will use invasion
> to their own benefit; or at least deal with the invader to secure better
> terms......

This all depends on how invaded the nomads really feel by the lunars. Are
the lunars even able to enforce anything on the nomads. Not a lot I think.

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