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Date: Fri 23 May 1997 - 03:25:46 EEST

Frank Rafelstan comments:
>Question for Martin: Do you do requests? :) I think it's time
>Deville was cut down to size. As a Sartar patriot I am waiting for him t=
>get his butt kicked by an "ignorant barbarian!"

Well I would oblige but I've already done it - here's an excerpt from whe=
Deville is testing Onslaught: for hiring purposes - as usual with Onslaug=
- - and Deville - it gets violent:

        Onslaught turned quickly to face Deville. He was grinning. =

smiled back. He was about to say something witty when Onslaught came
at him, roaring like a maddened great troll.
        Deville waited, defocussed within his skill, watching the range. =

precisely the right moment he lunged, point in line for a heart-strike. =
was a perfect attack and Deville felt the surge of joy he always felt whe=
he achieved the god-like timing required for such a killing blow. =

        He was therefore very shocked when Onslaught somehow slipped
round the thrust, grabbed his sword arm in a grip of iron then began to
spin him round while kneeing him very hard in the testicles. Finishing
the spin, he hurled a helpless Deville ten feet, face first, through the
latrine door. "Oh shit!." was all Deville managed to think before being
knocked-out as he smashed through the thin plank seating into the pit
        Onslaught grinned. "Bet that was a surprise!" He said.

        It took Trask and Rowger together to lever Deville out of the
pit by which time he'd nearly drowned. Onslaught waited nearby, still
grinning. Deville had cast his healing but still remembered the
astounding pain of his burst scrotum and subconciously held it
protectively while Rowger and Trask desperately tried to wipe the
excrement off him. Ternn was still out cold, having nearly died from th=
kick to his head. =

        Finally, irritated at the their futile task, Deville waved the tw=
away and stalked over to Onslaught. His face cold beneath the crusted
mask of drying dung. Onslaught pinched his nose at his approach. =

Deville glowered at him.
        "You're hired." He snapped and without another word he went into=

the Temple to find that young initiate with the oh-so-out-of-fashion
clothes. As long as nobody important sees me, I'll be okay, he thought.
        Once he'd gone Trask allowed himself a chuckle, which turned into=

a near-hysterical laugh. "Well that was a first." he said when he finall=
controlled himself. =


I'd say that was a fairly severe butt kicking.


Great to see Jim Chapin writing again of evil old Gim Gim and Andrew
Joelson has to write some more stuff after the excellent Icebreaker! =

Fiction is an important part of Glorantha, lets see some more!

I have more Sheng, some more Deville and another Onslaught and the Healer=

story to post as soon as I finish them and I started Harreksaga too, we'l=
see where that goes. =

Martin Laurie


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