GloranthaCon Down Under II

From: Hugh McVicker (
Date: Fri 23 May 1997 - 14:17:13 EEST

Greetings my electronic friends

Glorantha Con Down Under II is coming (Melbourne, January 1998)and my
companions and I are hashing out what's going to be on the card. We were
getting to the subject of seminars when clever Andrew Bean suggested a
post to the digest for requesting an aray interesting topics. Feel free
to sugest any wierd and wonderful thing.
If no ideas come up then our current plan is a subjective/objective pie
fight and a three compass orienteering competition :)
As I don't want the digest filled with 'what about a Recipes of Dorastor
seminar' please mail me direct at

Anyone with any other questions, hints or complaints feel free to send!

All hail the greasy spoon
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