Eat a Grenade

From: Martin Laurie (
Date: Fri 23 May 1997 - 10:48:08 EEST

Michael Raatorova comments:
> Go eat a grenade, Stephen.

And again as bit later:
> Have another grenade.

I must say, I don't like this kind of post.

Did you say what _kind_ of grenade? - fragmentation, white phosperous,
thermite, HE, concussion etc - NO you bloody well didn't and I'm pretty
damn shocked by this kind of lose talk on what is a serious discussion
forum. Please Michael, if you are going to suggest people accept explosi=
devices or ingest them in any way, please, please give the proper militar=
designation to the type of weapon you suggest people eat. I was even mor=
disturbed when you didn't specify a delivery system - was it a M203 or a
M79???????? =

I suggest that all digesters read "The Survivalist" series of books by
Jerry Ahern who never once has his hero use a weapon without a full and
detailed specification of the item in hand. I have been a proud owner of=

all 22 Survivalist books for years now and consider them required reading=
=2E =

I suggest you brush up your act young man and knuckle down to some seriou=
thinking before sullying the pages of this digest with your inaccuracies!=

Yours in digust at all these frivilous postings

Martin Laurie


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