Beating a dead sable

From: Joseph Troxell (
Date: Fri 23 May 1997 - 09:31:08 EEST

>From: David Dunham <>
>Joseph Troxell responded to Nick Brooke
>> >If you need to find out whether Orlanthi Rune spells can be recovered from
>> >West King Wind's worship services, why not go to the Redlands and Find Out?
>> what it comes down to is ... "My Glorantha."
>Let me rephrase what Nick wrote. We can speculate all we like, but it's not
>until you have to think about this when you actually run a campaign that
>you can really come up with a good answer.

If I'm running a campaign, and this comes up, I make an answer. However,
there is still the imminent fear of being Gregged. To be honest, I don't
think a lot of these issues will come up. But, if they do, I'd just like to
feel that I can make a decision on the issue and not worry that in two
months, I'm going to be Gregged over it. I can here players whining now,

"But, in TotRM #18, Stafford says, 'West King Wind is another face of
Orlanth and all divine magcis are compatible and renewable at each other's
shrine.' Why can't we renew our magic?" I doubt it will happen, but I just
do not like looking over my shoulder to make sure Stafford doesn't send
something off the mountain.


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