Same god?

From: Hasni Mubarak (
Date: Fri 23 May 1997 - 16:58:46 EEST

Ok, in a Holisitic, I run the universe sense, it doesn't really matter
if Greg thinks that Elmal and Yelmalio (Or Orlanth and West King Wind,
or Humakt and Hueymakt, etc) are the same god. If I want them to be,
then they are. If I don't want them to be, then they aren't. If I want
to be as ambiguous as Greg, so that when he finally puts out a module
that climaxs with, "And during their initiation into the fourth circle
of the Sun, the players realize a terrible secret, Not only isn't Elmal
a different god from Yelmalio, he is actually Wakboth, reborn to destory
the world...", and I don't have to go and rewrite my whole campaign.

On a more practical note, I DO wonder how NPC's in Glorantha might react
to each other. We've allready determined that Y.T. and Humakt are
enemies. (Very similar ones too.) How about Elmal and Yelmalio? They

must know about each other. Do their worshipers sit in tiny little
taverns drinking Oozo and pointing out how the others' god is just a
myth? Do they visit each others temples and share rituals? Or do they
stage raids on each others compounds to "punish the infidels?" These
are the kinds of things that we would like to know, even if it's just to
add color to the backround of our campaign.

Nobody has even asked, "Say a Yelmalian and an Elamali meet on the
heroplane. Then they ritually run into the sun. Who is it?" Frankly,

my campaign is only about two years old and I don't have one Runelevel
in it yet, so its pretty much a moot point for me. But I'm sure that
other people have run into similar situations.

I understand the feeling of, "Does it really matter?" when these
questions are asked. But in addition to the question of the Divine
Magic, which I would treat on a case by case basis and fudge the heck
out of, there are many other situations where it might be important.

Thanks to Pam who pointed out that Elmal lost fire at Hill of Gold.
That changes me to "They are basically the same god, however their
hierarchies and worship are culturally different." It also means that
their is a typo whereever it says, "Elmal has the fire rune and fire
spells." (Unless, there is a secret Elmali Herocult that has fire.
Maybe a gigantic Salamander or something. It just SEEMS to outsiders
that Elmal has fire, when really all the Elmali are Yelmalians who
belong to a special hero cult also....or severel hero cults, one for
each fire spell...)

Well, fudge away!



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