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Hi all

The current debate on theology allows me to answer an old question.
The main difference in psychology between gloranthan humans and RW humans
is that the existence of otherworld beings is an objective truth.
The fact some of these beings can be worshiped like Frog Woman, the Crimson Bat
or Orlanth, is another objective truth.

This means that a Brithini will believe the story told by the Praxian
about their gods and reenacted in their religious ceremonies. No doubt that
for him, it was Zzabur that sent the block to destroy Wakboth. He will
certainly notice the folly of summoning demons without controling them, and
the damnation brought by the worship of demons.
But even for him, most of the story is true.

I think that a god is defined by his nature and by his mythos.
In the case of West King Wind and Orlanth, I think that WKW is Orlanth
with a Pentan mythos.
It was Vadrus that slew Yelm (Yu-Kazgant), and WKW went into hell to
rescue the sun. Pent is a place where Orlanth and Yelm are associated
gods, because the people were sun worshipers.

If a sartarite orlanthi comes to Pent, is accepted by a storm tribe and
worship at a shrine, he will be able to renew his windy divine magic (eg
increase wind, decrease wind in rules terms) but he won't be able to
renew the magic weapon divine magic (eg lightning, great parry) because
the myths are different.
If WKW was not Orlanth then a sartarite orlanthi could not even worship
at a WKW shrine because he would not have a link between his soul and the
shrine's deity.

I have a question for Loren. I forgot the name of the bad guy, the opposite
of Idovanus.



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