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Martin Laurie - Deville and Onslaught was great! What Cult, if any, does
Onslaught belong too? Storm Bull?
> From: Peter Metcalfe <>
> Date: Fri, 23 May 1997 15:39:43 +1200
> Subject: Prax and truth

> Trotsky:
> ========
> >Heck, I like the Dara Happans as much as
> >anyone, but I don't see any evidence their magic works better than anyone
> >elses. I think their success is due to quite different reasons.

> Then why were the Lunars able to defeat the Carmanians? Why
> were the Lunars able to defeat Sheng Seleris when he was at the
> height of his powers and then some? Why have the Lunars been
> able to defeat Orlanth in the very land where he was born and the
> Praxians within the confines of their Sacred Land?
> To say that the Dara Happan magic works no better than anybody
> elses is like saying that the Technology of the 19th Century
> Europeans is no better than anybody elses IMO.

Why were the Lunars defeated all the way across Prax, and at Dragon
Pass, when Argrath Dragonspear brought his new (old?) secrets to the

I see it as the Lunar Magic being the key. Up until then, the Dara
Happan Solar empire to my best knowledge pretty much always had it's
butt whupped by those smelly Dragon Pass barbarians. Only until
recently, with the coming of the Lunar Empire and it's Sorcery,
Illumination, and Chaotic Magics, were the peoples of Peloria and Dara
Happa (after undergoing something of a cultural transformation) able to
march to conquest. For 400 years they rode high on the hog, until this
fellow Argrath discovers Draconic secrets in the ruins of Pavis and
elsewhere that negates their uncounterable advantage (superiority behind
the Glowline, perhaps, ability to safely use Chaos, Sorcery) and starts
marching the Lunar Empire towards its inevitable, and well-deserved

Oh, and Pete,technically, it's *Lunar* magic, not Dara Happan Magic. If
you want to be geographically correct, it's Pelorian magic.

General Debate/Question Stuff

Here's more fun, and something that should hopefully stir up the pot as
much as the whole subjective/objective thread did...

In a Theistic Culture in Central Genertela, can one get along without a

        When I introduce new gamers to RQ, I always get something along these
lines... "Do I have to join a Cult? I really don't want to be taking
orders from some God. Is it really necessary?" Then I sit that player
down and have a long talk with him or her about culture and mythology in
Glorantha, and how the Gods aren't just some excuse to restire your
spells on some outer plane, but are real and interact with normal humans
on a daily basis in RQ, and how the world itself is inherently Mythic
(for example, when they see the Glorantha map shaped like a lozenge and
when they hear that Bronze is mined from the bones of dead gods, they
usually get a kick out of that.)

        Can a person in Central Genertela slide by without becoming an
initiate? Even ancestor-worship cults like Daka Fal have initiation and
priests, after a fashion. I have had players in RQ2 who try to slide by
on their own without initiating and then try to buy their way into
Orlanth (Which usually failed, unless they were truly noble and
heroic... Even though these people weren't initiates, Orlanth was
watching them because he is the God of Adventurers, and it's his
purview.) Most of my players simply bit the bullet and initiated into
Orlanth, Humakt or some other suitable adventurer cult. I no longer
allow the 'buy-in' option in RQ3, by the way.

        I can see perhaps someone gaining a good deal of political power as
being a guild master or somesuch, but I would think generally that
non-initiates would be generally thought of as not accepting their full
adult responsibilities. Those who would not even be lay members would
probably be thought of as insane. Trying to convince some players of
the reality of the Gods in RQ/Glorantha and immerse themselves in the
setting seems to be the hardest part. For the Agnostic/Atheist in
Central Genertela who wants naught to do with the Gods, are there any

Chris Bell


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