Argrath-Era Military Organization

Date: Fri 23 May 1997 - 21:04:58 EEST

General question for the digest - My knowledge of the events related in
KoS is scanty at best, but I would assume that the legions led by
Argrath were (a) simply more than Sartarites, and (b) had a different
military organization than the loose type of structure than the
Sartarite Hill tribes usually use. I'm under the impression that
Argrath's changes were not simply introducing Draconic Magic to the
people's of the Pass so that they could negate the Lunar magic
advantage, but a whole new (or old?) way to wage war and organize armies
to match the Lunar hoplites and tactical acumen.

How did Argrath organize his armies? Did he use the Empire of the
Wyrm's Friends as a model? How did the EWF organize their armies, by
the by? If the old EWF and Lunar Empire were to somehow meet, who would
be the victor?

It seems to me that Argrath's new nation combines aspects of the Empire
of the Wyrm's Friends with traditional Lightbringer Worship. Does
Argrath's Empire stretch from Tarsh all the way down to the Holy Country
and across Prax, or is he simply "just" the King of Sartar?

Awaiting correction in case of error, and comments.

Chris Bell


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