Elmal & Lunars

From: Carlson, Pam (carlsonp@wdni.com)
Date: Fri 23 May 1997 - 21:27:00 EEST

V.S. Greene
> ?Huh? I suddenly wonder what the cult of Elmal looks like. The
treatment I've seen was in the aborted _Adventures in Glorantha_ and he
looked like Yelmalio with fire powers. It _could_ matter in future

We will try to cover Elmal as worshipped in Sartar in the Orlanthi stuff
in "Enclosure", which will be available at Glorantha con in Victoria,
and then from the Reaching Moon Megacorp.

We will finish writing it right after this weekend's "Red Dwarf - Lager
and Vindaloo" party. Right, guys?

Dara Happan magic:

I think that, individually, DH magic may not be as strong as some other
culture's. (Greg said that, until recently, they didn't have much in
the way of personal rune magic.) The DH's always cast their spells in
big groups. They get 1000 people together and throw one huge spell to
curse their enemies or bless themselves. On this scale, I think their
magic may be more powerful than most.

The Lunars built on this tradition, and added the Theyalan creative
element on top of it. Thus, their colleges of magic are unsurpassed in

power and innovation, IMO. Why haven't they crushed the Sartarites and
Praxians by now? As Sandy pointed out long ago, they operate on several
fronts. They are holding back the ice, the Pentans, and
Rufelza-knows-what in the underworld. Sartar and Prax receive little
priority in the Heartlands, IMO.


PS - David Cake - where are you? Jeff is waiting to run a ToDP session
whrn you get here! Will you be in Seattle by Tues, May 27?


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