Dara Happa uber alles

From: TTrotsky@aol.com
Date: Fri 23 May 1997 - 21:02:25 EEST

<< >Heck, I like the Dara Happans as much as
>anyone, but I don't see any evidence their magic works better than anyone
>elses. I think their success is due to quite different reasons.
 Then why were the Lunars able to defeat the Carmanians? Why
 were the Lunars able to defeat Sheng Seleris when he was at the
 height of his powers and then some? Why have the Lunars been
 able to defeat Orlanth in the very land where he was born and the
 Praxians within the confines of their Sacred Land?
 To say that the Dara Happan magic works no better than anybody
 elses is like saying that the Technology of the 19th Century
 Europeans is no better than anybody elses IMO.

 - --Peter Metcalfe >>

    Blimey, and there was me worried that the last message I sent would make
me look terribly po-faced for taking what was 'evidently' a joke and treating
it seriously...
    First off, I have to say I don't have TFS, and so you may well have
specific evidence to prove me wrong. But, for the moment, I stand by my
assertion. The Lunar Empire has been very succesful, no doubt about that. But
as I see it, it isn't the strength of their magic _per se_ that makes them

    To make an (admittedly imperfect) analogy, look at the Roman Empire.
Their magic wasn't any better than anyone elses, and they conquered a vast
area of land, and several other cultures. And the same sort of things that
helped the Romans also help the Lunars; the better military units, the large
agricultural and population base, the ability to meld other religions and
cultures into their own, all that sort of thing.
    Not only that, but I certainly do concede that the Empire makes better
use of the magic at its disposal. It has special units working alongside the
armies who provide relevant support, something that no other culture has
AFAIK (and I admit I could be wrong...). I don't think the magic itself is

superior, I just think they use it in a different way. That regimentation is
missing from the Orlanthi, although I don't know about the Carmanians.
     As for Sheng Seleris, I don't know a lot about this incident other than
the bare bones, but I was under the impression that he conquered the Empire
and 'ruled' it for a time before they kicked him out. I just don't see magic
as being the be-all and end-all, both the Lunars and Sheng were pretty
powerful, one of them just eventually beat the other. It's like saying the
Allies had better technology than the Axis in WWII because otherwise they
wouldn't have won.

     Well, that's my opinion - always subject to change as evidence comes my
way. Are there any pro-Orlanthi out there who think that Lunar magic is
better than the Sartarite sort, and if so, what (if anything) do they think
it implies?

All hail the Reaching Moon ('cos its got all the lovely benefits of
civilisation not 'cos its got better magic)!



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