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Date: Fri 23 May 1997 - 21:58:42 EEST

> From: Frank Rafaelsen <>
> I don't think the Praxians see the lunars as their main
> problem. I think the dominance of the Sable nation is the big concern for
> the other nations.

The Lunars are seen as the problem behind the problem. A coalition of
tribes could stomp the Sables, except that the Empire is backing them
up. Think of the Sables like the Campbells in the Scottish Highlands.
They have all the up-front visible positions, but the real control is
with the Imperials.

> What is really their problem? Well they are prevented from grazing
> their animals in the relativly fertile Prax. Who is preventing them?

Worse than that. The Lunars are forcing the tribes to pay a big tax, then
letting them go on! The nomads can deal with outright blocking -- the top
tribe always tries that -- but this bizarre new tactic drives them crazy.

And the grazing is easily controlled by controlling the oases. In the
desert or chaparral country, who controls the watering rights controls
the land. Unwatered land is nearly worthless, no matter how much there is.

> preventing them? I don't see the lunars being able to stop the bison
> nation from crossing the Zola Fel, and I don't see the lunar footmen being
> able to pose any treat to the nomadic tribes.

Catch them at the river crossing and they are dead meat. Catch them as
they climb up the cuts, and a fairly small force will block them. In
either place, the nomads cannot charge, nor stampede their herds, and
they cannot easily retreat due to disorganization.

Standing orders will be to block access to water and let the parched
herds force negotiations. Orders as old as Eusibius, and still valid.


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