Fire-free Elmal

From: Alex Ferguson (
Date: Fri 23 May 1997 - 22:33:18 EEST

V. S. Klyfix:
> ?Huh? I suddenly wonder what the cult of Elmal looks like. The only
> treatment I've seen was in the aborted _Adventures in Glorantha_ and he
> looked like Yelmalio with fire powers. It _could_ matter in future games.

I think magically, he's substantially similar to Yelmalio. The most
marked "spell" type differences are the Associates, I think. The
reason I think it's a safe bet that he has no substantial fire powers
is not so much the HoG thing as the above factoid, which we also
have by Word of Greg, and the phenomenon from KoS of the Yelmalio
heresy being partly driven by Elmali wanting to be as magically
funky as the Lowlanders. (Sunspear is mentioned fairly specifically.)
Not conclusive of much, but I suspect indicative.

Furthermore, Elmal is the _Winter_ Sun, after all. The referenced
Gregism "Elmal lost his fire powers to ZZ at the Hill of Gold",
btw, is one of these statements of which I can't help but wonder in
what Greg "mode" it was made... (And by implication, what other
statements on the subject he might made in other modes.)



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