Top Cats.

From: Alex Ferguson (
Date: Fri 23 May 1997 - 22:13:20 EEST

Joseph Troxell:
> Does anyone have the stats for a aylnx?

Please sir, I know this one! They're in the Gloranthan Bestiary.
(For my money, it was one of the real Secret Bonuses of the early RQ
Renaisance, before AH started the steady march towards oblivion.)
Try and get it if you can, though I have no idea if any copies
exist on this side of Tada's High Tumulus (with all the WF#1s).
If you can't, I predict someone else will post the stats before I
can, so I won't even try. ;-)

> This got me thinking, how smart does an animal need to be to cast magic?

I think anything less than about INT 7-8 is really pushing it as far
as what human culture would consider actual "spells". Now, some
animals may have various sorts of "inherent" magic, but I suspect
that's wandering off into a different area entirely. Many dogs
have the ability to cast Befuddle, for example, albeit only on

> But, would a recently freed INT cat with a 5 INT ever know or think
> to cast that mobility 2 spell it knows

If it saw a fast mouse or a slow dog, then yes, I'd think so. How
it learnt the spell in the first instance seems more questionable.



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