LBQ, Elmal and stuff

Date: Fri 23 May 1997 - 22:04:25 EEST


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In what I presume was a pique of sarcasm, Carl Fink responded to Andrew
Joelson's comment about Issaries and Genert, by stating:
>Come on, Andrew. Received wisdom on the Digest is that Issaries
>didn't even *exist* until the God Learners created him (and wrote the
>Lightbringers Journey) in the Second Age.

I realize that this is sarcasm on the part of Carl, but I wanted to
respond anyways. Never have I or, as far as I know, any of the other
backers of the cults of Orlanth theory, even suggested that the God
Learners wrote the Lightbringers Journey. What has been claimed is
this: the LBQ as understood by the Orlanthi in the Second and Third Ages
was the product of Harmast Barefoot's heroquest based on Orlanth's
Bringing of the Dawn.

I for one think that the LBQ post-Harmast has different associations
than the pre-Harmast one. In part because Harmast's LBQ did not
strictly follow Orlanth's path - Harmast had to "make up" parts of the
LBQ heroquest, just as Garundyer had to "make up" parts of his heroquest
(right Nick?). Let's keep the God Learners out of this one, OK.

As for Elmal, Sun God extraordinaire, I can't say enough great things
about that smashing diety. With Elmal around, Quivini clansmen can look
up at the sky and be comforted by the presence of Orlanth's trusty
thane. Without Elmal, the poor tribesmen look up and see nothing but

Finally, in ToDP it seems the Quivini of the mid-1300s are going to
encounter the pre-Sheng Lunar Empire as auxillaries of the King of
Tarsh. For those of you who are interested about how the early Quivini
reacted to the Lunars, I'd keep an eye on Korol's Saga.


PS. Congratulations Nick!


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