Normal INT animals

From: David Weihe (
Date: Sat 24 May 1997 - 00:40:17 EEST

> From: Joseph Troxell <>
> Subject: Something totally new
> Does anyone have the stats for a aylnx?

The stats are in the Gloranthan Bestiary, they tell me. Apparently, the
INT of an alynx familiar is rather higher than one might expect.

> Also, reading KoS, one of the kings of Tarsh has a horse (think it was a
> golden horse), "smart enough to cast magic". This got me thinking, how
> smart does an animal need to be to cast magic? Yes, you get its fixed INT

> converted into normal INT. Then it could learn spells. But, would a
> recently freed INT cat with a 5 INT ever know or think to cast that mobility

If you can teach an animal to do tricks, one of them can be to cast a
spell where you tell it (like Fetch, or Sick Him, sort of). Back when I
was still playing RQ1, we had a rule that you could teach an animal INT
tricks. With this rule, all the tricks might be taken up by Cast Spell
XXX at Chosen Target, leaving no slots for Come, Sit, or Stay.

Also, I assumed that the horse in KoS was an awakened animal, ala Waha
Khans' usual Allied Spirits, and would thus have a humanish 3D6 INT stat.


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