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V.S. Greene:

> ?Huh? I suddenly wonder what the cult of Elmal looks like. The only
>treatment I've seen was in the aborted _Adventures in Glorantha_ and he
>looked like Yelmalio with fire powers. It _could_ matter in future games.

 Obviously not searching hard enough!!! Try my webpage at:


for an unofficial cult (if you want an official cult I s'pose you'd better
wait for an official games system first) and a story about Elmal and the
Hill of Gold.

Hasni Mubarak:

>We've allready determined that Y.T. and Humakt are
>enemies. (Very similar ones too.) How about Elmal and Yelmalio?

Who said YT and Humakt are enemeis?? Surely they respect each other for
honour and integrity as warriors. The only times they clash is in war, and
wars do not forge enemies. At least, not in a Humakti opinion. Also, I think
Elmal and Yelmalio are enemies, if the Elmal is to exist it must in previous
times have denounced Yelmalio as heretics, and created an anti-myth to
combat the Yelmalio myth. From the KoS at the start of Orlanthi Mythology in
the mini-prospedia we see both Elmal and Yelmalio are listed, so both are
acknowledged as seperate, distinct deities. I reckon Yelmalio is seen as a
very dangerous Elmalian enemy.

>(Unless, there is a secret Elmali Herocult that has fire.
>Maybe a gigantic Salamander or something. It just SEEMS to outsiders
>that Elmal has fire, when really all the Elmali are Yelmalians who
>belong to a special hero cult also....or severel hero cults, one for
>each fire spell...)

 Yes, that's exactly what it is!!! Elmal has the backing of lots of other
cults, Orlanth, Humakt, Hippoi, Vinga, Ernalda -- while in the beginning
Yelmalio was on it's own, and to most intents and purposes still is.

Therefore, when HeroQuesting to recover lost Fire Powers Elmal not only has
had more time (Yelmalio having only existed for five hundred years or so)
but has more spiritual backing, so a large portion of worshippers belong to

his Fire Hero Cult. When Yelmalio split, they couldn't muster the support of
the Fire Hero Cult and so left without it. BTW, Kuschile is, according to
KoS, orignially Elmalian, something not currently in my write up, sorry.


>Pent is a place where Orlanth and Yelm are associated
>gods, because the people were sun worshipers.

 A thought has occured to me. If Orlanth and Yelm worshippers were friendly
after the Dawn (either because of the Compromise or because Orlanth humbled
himself to Yelm, depends upon your POV) and then had their peace shattered
by Arkat in the First Age when he destroyed the First COuncil, Pent wouldn't
have been affected. Maybe this is the reason that Sun and Storm worshippers
get on well together in Pent. If, indeed, they do. I'm not sure if their
friendship is official.

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Nikk E.

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