German RQ Con report

From: Nils Weinander (
Date: Sat 24 May 1997 - 01:33:51 EEST

Here's a short and belated report from the german con.
In short: it was great. How can you fail in such
incredible surroundings? The castle was superb, the
people were great, the games were fun, the women were
beautiful (N.B. this is not a sexist remark, I'm sure
there were strapping men around too, but I'm not very
good at assessing male beauty), some more names got
faces etc.

Orlanth paid us a visit the first night with a magnificent
thunderstorm. Quote of the night "It shall not rain!"
(Nick Brooke, err Karnickiles Brokath). Suffice to say
that the dew was rather heavy shortly thereafter...

I played Rune Metal Jacket, with Lewis Jardine as GM.
What a sorry collection of lunar recruits!

Then the LARP. Now LARPing isn't really my thing, so
I was bored for a majority of the time. I didn't get

anywhere at all with succeeding with any of my goals
and my supposed contacts had no idea who my character
was. However, at the wrap-up, Kenth Eriksson sang his
newly composed eulogy to Sor-Eel, which I predict to
be a future Gloranthan classic, deeming by its

What else? I played A Wealth of Riches, GMed by MOB,
MGF style.

MOB: "This is a much more serious scenario than Rune
Metal Jacket"

Nick: "Oh yes, it's dead serious"

It may have been intened as serious, but with one
character wearing a wooden bucket on his head, the
knight attacked the supposed "chaotic rock", the
brutal attack on the mother of another character
and my character eating Nick's character's pet rat
Squiffy it soon took off from seriousness.

I even had a little time to go see the almost too
picturesque village of Bacharach.

This should have been more eloquent to make people
jealous and wanting to go there next year. I sure
intend to!

Nils Weinander | Everything is dust in the wind |


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