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Date: Sat 24 May 1997 - 02:10:00 EEST

Ok. As a public service I will post this, (just once), because so many
people get this wrong. And not just on the Digest - I've seen this
mistake in adverts!

Plurals don't get an apostrophy. (one dog, two dogs)

Possessives usually get an apostrophe. (the dog's bowl)

The pronoun "it" is an exception. The possessive "its" DOES NOT get an
apostrophe. (The dog picked up its bowl.)
The contraction "it is" DOES get an apostrophe. (It's a hot day.)

There may be those who don't think it's important to use good grammar,
but such lapses make my skin crawl and cause me to lament the
deteriorating state of the universe. Please humor me, and amaze your
friends with proper grammar while you're at it.

Back to Glorantha....

>the Dara Happan Solar empire to my best knowledge pretty much always had it's
butt whupped by those smelly Dragon Pass barbarians.

Umm... here I must take exception. If you read the FS and GRoY, you'll
find that the victories were pretty much give and take throughout
history. Sure, DH got conquered a lot, but then they had something
nifty that others wanted - fabulous real estate and lots of riches.
Sartar hasn't been conquered too much, but who wants a small, cold,
mountainous bit of land, infested with monsters and sheep-worrying

You'll also find in Greg's early writing that Pelangio (a first age Dara
Happan) conquered all the way into Esrolia, and then Arkat took his army
all the way to Raibanth. Barbarians would raid the outskirts of the old
DH empire, and then Imperial soldiers would go and scorch the barbarian
countryside for a while. Sounds pretty equal to me.

> If the old EWF and Lunar Empire were to somehow meet, who would
be the victor?

Er - read the Fortunate Succession. The EWF DID conquer the DH empire.
I took them a long time, and then the empire fell from withn, corrupted
by the SunDragon. (Isn't that how those dragons always work?) But the
DH's rallied and tossed the wrigglies out. Then they gathered a huge
host to go stomp 'em for good. The rest is history...

>It seems to me that Argrath's new nation combines aspects of the Empire
of the Wyrm's Friends with traditional Lightbringer Worship. Does
Argrath's Empire stretch from Tarsh all the way down to the Holy Country
and across Prax, or is he simply "just" the King of Sartar?

He is magically the King of Sartar, which gives him some special
unifying powers. He can get many varied peoples to work together. Yep
- - he has help from Prax to Tarsh. He borrowed ideas from the EWF AND
the Lunars, IMO. (THey also have the tradition and magic of joining

And before you completely attribute the collpase of the empire to the
overwhelming military might of Argrath, read the latter part of KOS
again. It is evident the the empire was also collpasing from within.
Rebellion broke out everywhere. Argrath even gained a lot of support
from the Lodrilli once the icebreakers failed in their task. Monster
armies and demons roamed about, Kazkurtem came again, and everything
went all higgledy-piggledy.

I think the reasons for this collpase and defeat are due more to the
cycles of myth that imbue Glorantha than to Argrath teaching loads of
new military tactics to Praxians....

>Orders as old as Eusibius, and still valid.

Hurrah! All Hail the Gutter of Horse Savages! Impale them all and pile
the heads... (oops).
Just getting in the proper Alkothi mindset!



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