Agnostics in Godsland

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> General Debate/Question Stuff
> In a Theistic Culture in Central Genertela, can one get along without a God?
> Can a person in Central Genertela slide by without becoming an initiate?
                and later still
> For the Agnostic/Atheist in Central Genertela who wants naught
> to do with the Gods, are there any options?

A) Find a shaman and become his friend. Maybe become a shaman, yourself
(This is much easier in Prax than lands like Tarsh or Sartar, of course.
The more civilized the society, the fewer shamans present, in general).
They don't worship any gods, except as a business transaction of Magic
for POW and/or MPs.

B) Worship just your City God, and don't spend much time in your city.
A merchant or an ocean sailor would work here, although you miss out
having the support of fellow cultist merchants.

C) Move to God Forgot, in the Holy Country, where they are all atheists.

D) Worship the Invisible God, as an Aeolian from the Holy Country, or
elsewhere. This way, you also get to learn the Sorcery rules, and can
decide if they are really broken, or not, before GtG changes them.

E) Say that you come from America, and are a Presbyterian, which allows
you no other gods. Heh, it worked for Martin Padway in Ostrogothic Rome!

As long as you confine yourself to Spirit Magic or Sorcery you can
get along. You won't fit in with society, perhaps, but then how many
Adventurers really do, anyway? I have played characters using A, B, and
E, and it can be done with a cosmopolitan setting like Pavis or the
Holy Country. Don't try it in a backwoods Sartar clan, though.


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