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From: Paul Chapman (mercutio@btinternet.com)
Date: Sat 24 May 1997 - 03:44:52 EEST

Martin Laurie responding to Michael Raatorova's comments on Stephen
Martin's thoughts:-
>Michael Raatorova comments:
>> Go eat a grenade, Stephen.
>And again as bit later:
>> Have another grenade.
>I must say, I don't like this kind of post.
<snip humourous grenade comments>

Actually, I find this level of aggression on the digest to be genuinely

OK, Michael, you don't agree with Stephen (and my personal feelings on the
matter are actually irrelevant, except to say that I'd like to see a lot of
the old stuff reprinted) and clearly feel fairly strongly about this, but
it _is_ just the man's opinion and I feel your wishes of harm to him just
for what he thinks to be way OTT. Kinda like living in <insert favourite
dictatorial state here> isn't it?

Nuff said.

Further to Glen Bailey's barn in flames:-
Glen - no offense was meant here, truly. I'm sorry to hear that your
player's aren't interested in Glorantha, I seem to be getting the
impression (perhaps unjustly) from your postings that your players are what
I would term "AD&D players" (for the record: I am aware that it is
entirely possible to have a good roleplaying experience using AD&D :-) ).
That is, more interested in dungeon-style adventures than the sort of
near-CoC experience that is Gaumata's Vision. Your idea as to how to handle
the resolution of the scenario sounds good to me, I feel your players may
have lots of fun in the Dyskund Caverns.

        BTW, my point about a huge expeditionary force _not_ being sent was really
from two angles:-

1) Yes, it is very serious to harbour chaos, but the local rulers are not
IMO the type who would sleep well and maintain their religious purity if
they thought they would be killing those innocent of the crime. Ergo, I
don't see them wiping out the village.
2) Resources: few military forces are really as well-equipped as they
would like to be, I'd expect the minimum-sized force to be sent to deal
with the situation, based upon the expected threat (this expectation may be
too low...).

Another angle on the situation that will occur when your PCs are the
back-up force on the village cleanup, Glen - any chaos nasties still left
in the village may take the 'normal' villagers as hostage. Now that I
think about it, the mistress is essentially rooted there in the village,
and some of the chaotics would stay to help her - thus, almost certainly a
hostage situation. MGF could be had if, say, the mistress held the
villagers hostage, stopping the main force from attacking, and the PCs were
sent in to try to rescue them in a sneak attack (the criticals-based combat
system of Rolemaster makes guerrila work effective and satisfying). _I_
would enjoy that as a player anyway... more personal involvement and
heroics, and it has a certain Kurosawa feel to it.

I'm running out of clacks,


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