VIII. German RQ Con Report

From: Ingo Tschinke (
Date: Sat 24 May 1997 - 22:09:49 EEST


as one of the Co-organizers of the VIII. RQ Con I will try to give you a
report on what has happend on the RuneQuest Con at Castle Stahleck in 1997.
All in all the VIII. German RQ Con was a great success and a lot of fun
(with a lot of BEER).

We have had altogether 135 attendees on our con, 30 from foreign countries
(from Australia, the USA, Canada, the UK, France, Netherlands, Sweden,
Italy, Belgium and Finland) and 105 Germans. For me it was very nice to see
such a lot of good friends in one place and I was able to get to some names
I know from this digest a face.

Our Guest of honour have been David Hall, Nick Brooke, Rob Heinsoo and
Michael O'Brien, who helped us a lot with their panels, tournaments, Free
Forms to make the con as colourfull as possible. Special thanks to them as
well to all the other guys from the RMM.

For the con we have produced two different con T-shirt with very good
illustrations from Dan Barker and Simon Bray. Anybody who wants to get one
of these should send me a message because we have still 130 T-Shirts left.
The americans can get these shirts at the Gloranthan Con in Victoria for
only $ 20. Anybody else should sent me a message.

On saturday we started with the traditional wet german Trollball, which was
better then the last year because of the higher temperature and the heated
players who looked after the games as there where fresh from hell.

The most important highlight at castle Stahleck was the FreeForm Game People
of Pavis which was written by Christian Einsporn, Daniel Fahey, Nils
Meissner and Andreas Pittelkow. The really succeeded in their attempt to
write an excellent gloranthan FreeForm. For me (as Faltikus the Good) it was
one of the best FreeForms I have ever played in. I achieved it to get the
total control of the wind temple of Pavis and to get all Windlords and
priest of Orlanth under my command. It was my goal to convince all Orlanthis
to accept the lunar goverment as a real benevolent one. And I get it. At
least I got married to the mayor Brygga Scissortongue what made my position
as new elected high priest of the reopened Orlanth temple unshakealbe. I
made a lot of good deals with the governeur of Pavis and Sor-eel (played by
Lewis Jardine) was a real shifty governour of Pavis.

Beside this game we have had the FreeForm 'Tarsh Wars' and the 'Kings
Funeral' on the con. All players where really satisfied to have played in
them. In Kings Funeral the players get a new king of Kustria and in Tarsh
Wars they get killed by slaying each other.

Furthermore we have had some good panels on the con (Lore auction, News from
Chaosium, MGF seminar, alternative characters for RQ, Bodgers, Meet Tales,
How to get published etc.) which have been a lot of fun and where very
informative (I was very sorry that I missed the most of them because of
organizing matters and my FreeForm Kings Funeral). Thanks to all who signed
responsible for them.

One other funny event was the 'Duck on the Troll party'. A reading of a
story written by Volker Wagner and illustrated with the wonderful pictures
from Etna. A great fun (one time I will publish it in Tradetalk - I swear).

I would like to say thanks again to everybody who helped us by doing such a
good con (and special thanks to Dave Barnato and Lars Thoms as main
organizer). My personal special thanks I would like to give to MOBs adress
for coming to Germany and the fantastic game session we I have had with my
game group at my house a few days after the con (MOB, we will never forget
this 'Embarrasment of the rich' - and hold in mind - the world is an onion).

In the next year we will have IX. German Con at another castle in Germany at
whitsun again and I hope we will be able to manage it as well as we have
done this on the last weekend.

Hope to see you all there again.


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