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From: Alex Ferguson (
Date: Sun 25 May 1997 - 02:36:55 EEST

Pam Carlson posts a call for correct orthography (not, strictly
speaking, really grammar):

> Plurals don't get an apostrophy. (one dog, two dogs)
> But the DH's rallied and tossed the wrigglies out.

Careful there, I fear you may have just invoked D'D, the Apostrophe Cult
Spirit of Reprisal on yourself, Pam... Particularly hazardous if one
shares a gaming table with Him, I should think.

Personally, my own strongest List evidence that we're living in the
Last Days before Wakboth ascends the Throne of the North is the
increasing prevalence of:

> Umm


> Er

Perhaps I need to go pop a NatraCalm or twelve, but I always find
myself struggling hard not to read these as echoist abbreviations
of "Whatever possessed you to write something as self-evidently

foolish as that?" Not that I have any reason to suspect any of you
fine people of such harbouring sentiments, but until we adopt
Tone of Voice Markup Language as standard on this digest, such
(mis)interpretation is always a built-in risk.

'til later,


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