Something and Nothing

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Date: Sun 25 May 1997 - 10:52:27 EEST


>OK, Michael, you don't agree with Stephen (and my personal feelings on the
>matter are actually irrelevant, except to say that I'd like to see a lot of
>the old stuff reprinted) and clearly feel fairly strongly about this, but
>it _is_ just the man's opinion and I feel your wishes of harm to him just
>for what he thinks to be way OTT. Kinda like living in <insert favourite
>dictatorial state here> isn't it?

Look, i appreciate Stephen for what he has done for the Glorantha
community. I in no way wished him actual harm with my admonition to eat
grenades, which was merely a strong expression of disgust.

Stephen's opinion (that we should wait and see and not write anything until
Greg gets his shit together, or at least until Stephen himself stops being
confused about the extant lunar material) might well influence other people
to not write or publish "incorrect" material. The consequences of that are
pretty ugly and self-destructive.

Which is why i was glad that Nick Effingham posted his Great Sister-thingy.
The Digest isn't aiming to ascertain The One True Glorantha; it's a giant
think tank which we can use for our own Gloranthas. And when it comes to
think tanks, something IS better than nothing.

If Stephen doesn't see the error of his way, i WILL wish him harm. If one
person can stymie the growth of Gloranthan knowledge because he feels
things are too confusing right now to be written up, THAT is like living in

a dictatorial state.

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Michael Raaterova
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